Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)
Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)
Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)
Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)
Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)
Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)

Sterileyes Antibacterial Face Mask (Includes 5 Extra Filters) (Special Promotion $19.95)

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  • Made of 2 extra protection layers of soft, comfortable patented 99.9% Anti-Microbial Fabric with replaceable filter; both sides are dark blue fabric Sterileyes®
  • Polygiene/Sterileyes®  Stays Fresh Technology
  • The active ingredient of Polygiene/Sterileyes is a biocide based on Silver Salt made from recycled Silver*
    • *Reactionmass of Titanium Dioxide and Silver Chloride
  • Non-Toxic Polygiene/Sterileyes (United States Environmental Protection Agency; Reg No: 49403-36)
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Each Filter, last 40 hours to filter out > 95% of polluted particles
    • Assumption: 8 hours a day / 5 days a week = 40 hours
  • Face Mask is washable and reusable; good for one year or approximately 100 washings
  • Each Mask comes with 5 replaceable filters 
  • Easy to replace filter
  • Reduce inhalation of droplets and non-oil based particles in the air
  • Adjustable cords around the ears for a perfect fit for any face size
  • Manufactured in England 
USE PROMO CODE FM2020 for $10.00 Discount!

    For Orders of Greater than 20 Face Mask,  Please call 470-374-5305 or 833-437-9393 for Proper Shipping Charges


    This product is authorized for sale under a US FDA Emergency Use Authorization (dated April 18 & 24 2020) as a Non-Surgical face mask (class 1 medical device) for use by the general public in non-healthcare settings and as a source control by HCPs in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This product is non-sterile and is not intended for use as a respirator or in such clinical setting where the risk level of infection through fluids or inhalation exposure is high.  The filter has been independently  tested to GB2626:2009 95% filtration of airborne particles.  The mask has not been tested to N95 or other standards for particulate filtration,  liquid barrier protection, or infection prevention.   This mask has not been tested for effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus.  Each mask is intended for use by one person only and must not be shared.  See instructions for use and cleaning provided separately.

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    SARA C.
    United States United States
    Comfortable, fits well

    The mask is adjustable and soft. I was able to talk throughout the day. The filter provides extra protection. It didn't make my skin irritated at the end of the day- an issue with other masks that I have come across. Similar to both a surgical and N95 if I have to talk for long periods of time I can get a little out of breath. The nose piece is more adjustable and fits my nose better than other similar masks that I have tried

    Mike S.
    United States United States
    Very comfortable

    This mask is very comfortable and the fabric feels lighter on my face than the cotton masks. The adjustable ear hooks are great and gives the perfect fit against my face (not saggy, but not too tight). The mask also stays in place when I talk rather than riding up or down my face. Highly recommend.

    United States United States
    Top-notch COVID mask

    The Sterileyes mask from Dry Eye Doctor is the most comfortable mask I own. The greatest challenge I have is talking for more than a few minutes, before most masks become saturated and start to occlude my mouth about inhalation. This mask does not cause that issue nearly as profoundly as cloth or hand-sewn masks. The sleek material remains dry and does not hold copious volumes of steam/moisture. Further, the nose bracket helps form a tight seal around my face, infrequently requiring adjustment.

    Matt E.
    United States United States
    The perfect mask!

    Having owned and gone through a variety of masks over the past few months, I can confidently say this one is by far my favorite. The material is great and the breathability is phenomenal. The filters are a great addition as well!

    United States United States
    Very Comfortable and feels great

    This mask is the best feeling and looking mask that I have found. I had issues with other masks being too tight or not feeling safe with them. This mask was much more comfortable and comes with filters that can be changed out. This made me feel safer and it has done its job.