Dry Eye Hygiene Set, 10 per Case

Dry Eye Hygiene Set, 10 per Case

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Perfect for your patients to manage their daily needs.

Daily lid hygiene treatment is imperative for your patients suffering from blepharitisdry eye disease, or wear contact lens.  This set provides an all natural daily treatment for those suffering from dry eye disease by keeping the lid and lash clean and free of bacteria as well as increasing the moisture in the eye.   The set includes the following:

  • Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress Made with Antimicrobial Material 
  • Eye Doctor Sterile Lid Wipes (0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution)
  • Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser

10 Dry Eye Hygiene Sets per Case

Want to put your practice logo on the set?  Call us at 470-374-5305 minimum order quantities apply.